First long feature documentary about William S. Burroughs will be re-released after two decades out of print

The first long feature documentary about iconic writer William S. Burroughs, one of the most radically subversive literary figures of the 20th century and Godfather to the Beat poets such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, is set to be restored and re-released after decades of being out of print.
The campaign to restore Burroughs: The Movie will officially be launched on Kickstarter on World Aids Day December 1st 2012 and it will run for 30 days. A rare screening of the film will be held December 11th 2012 at 7pm at the October Gallery in London, UK (24 Old Gloucester Street Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AL).
The late Howard Brookner began his Burroughs film while in NYU film school in 1978 with his fellow students Jim Jarmusch, who did the sound, and Tom DiCillo on camera.  Five years later Brookner had finished Burroughs: The Movie with the help of BBC.
Burroughs: The Movie was Howard Brookner’s first of three feature length films followed by Robert Wilson and the Civil Wars (1986) and Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989) – starring Madonna, Matt Dillon and Jennifer Grey among other well known actors. He died of AIDS in 1989, at thirty-four years old. « If I live on it is in your memories and the films I made », he wrote in a letter he left to his parents. “That letter was my engine to bring Howard back to life through his work. After a long search I found the only print of Burroughs: The Movie in good condition and embarked on a project to remaster it and make it available to the public”, says Aaron Brookner, nephew of the filmmaker. “The remastering is part of the work I want to do to preserve my uncle’s legacy”.  Howard Brookner’s archive includes more than 300 assets that need urgent preservation. “The re-release of Burroughs is a first step towards recovering what he made while he was alive.”
‘Burroughs: The Movie’ features the writer’s close circle of friends including Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Francis Bacon, John Giorno, James Grauerholz and Terry Southern. The film premiered at the 1983 New York Film Festival to rave reviews. Janet Maslin from The New York Times wrote: “Rarely is a documentary as well attuned to its subject as Howard Brookner’s « Burroughs », which captures as much about the life, work and sensibility of its subject as its 86 minute format allows. (T)he quality of discovery about « Burroughs » is very much the director’s doing, and Mr. Brookner demonstrates an unusual degree of liveliness and curiosity in exploring his subject ».
February 5, 2014 will mark William S. Burroughs 100th Birthday and the film should be released by then. Also 2013 will mark the 30th Anniversary since the release of Burroughs: The Movie and that’s when the restoration will take place.
Howard Brookner’s archive collection contains never before seen material from Burroughs: The Movie including interviews with Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa, Brion Gysin, the legendary Nova Convention, Brian Jones, Anthony Balch and more. “He documented what was probably the last comprehensive counter culture movement which came out of downtown New York City in the late 1970s/early 80s, influencing so many of the leading styles and ideas of today,” says Aaron Brookner.
Beyond the restoration of the Burroughs film, any proceedings beyond the target funding will be used to restore and preserve Howard Brookner’s archive described by Francis Poole, head of Film and Video Collection at the University of Delaware, as “one of the most amazing collections I have ever seen”. Aaron Brookner, who is also a filmmaker, plans to create a film about his uncle’s life called Smash The Control Machine: Howard Brookner & the Western Lands using much of the found footage. “Howard is a strong inspiration and he lived a short but beautiful life full of sardonic wit.  He was a great filmmaker and this discovery will allow the world to enjoy his work. I want to honour who he was through the memories of those he influenced, and the films he made.”
To finance the restoration project, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched on Kickstarter to raise USD 20.000 (approx 13.000 British Pounds or 16.000 Euros).
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Vinyles Vintage de Jérôme Pintoux

Un des nouveaux livrex de Jérôme Pintoux, « Vinyles Vintage « , vient de sortir aux éditions « Les Presses du Midi »

ISBN : 978-28127-0389-8 CODE BARRE : 978-28127-0389-8 TITRE : VINYLES VINTAGE
AUTEUR : PINTOUX Jérôme PAGES : 143 PRESENTATION : Broché PRIX PUBLIC : 16 Euros TVA : 7 DATE PARUTION : 10/12/2012 FORMAT : 14 x 21 Dewey : Musique
RESUME : C’est bien connu : « Les voyages forment la jeunesse ». Certains plus que d’autres, comme celui du narrateur dans « Vinyle Vintage ». En effet, du haut de ses 17 ans, l’intéressé part en Angleterre en juillet 1968. Loin de ses parents, il va tenter de sortir de sa coquille en parcourant le vieux Londres, en allant voir les groupes qui cartonnent. Dans cette optique l’époque est bénie avec l’avènement progressif de futures légendes qui laisseront une trace indélébile dans l’histoire de la musique. Lorsque la chance s’en mêle, les rencontres deviennent magiques et forgent une personnalité. Ainsi le héros de ce roman, au gré de ses pérégrinations, va croiser toutes les stars du moment. Il va interviewer Syd Barrett, mais aussi Marc Bolan, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney, les Beatles, les Rolling Stones, Jim Morisson, Jimi Hendrix, Franck Zappa, entre autres. Dans « Vinyles Vintage » le lecteur retrouve les parfums de la vieille Angleterre, les odeurs, les sons. Tout le « Swinging London » en remontant aux origines de ce courant musical qui a influencé tant de groupes et de chanteurs. Une véritable épopée rythmée comme un tube des Stones » touchante telle la voix de John Lennon, et qu’on n’oubliera donc pas de sitôt…

Brad Brace: Interzone contribution

(remote Fiji WAYA/YASAWAS islands:)
Island 8.0 is now available online!
Global Islands Project — ongoing series of multi-media pdf-ebooks/field-recordings — a
pastoral, pictorial and phonic elicitation of island parameters. An intensive
examination of small islands and their paradigmatic solutions to globalism…
Ethnographically a shared world of historical experience — not the romanticized and
divided universe of them and us.
Your feudal-world is based on mutual relief at your common corruption. Maybe some
cultures are based on even worse. But that wouldn’t change the bad faith of it and as
years go by, you wake at night in terror of your whole life being an act of bad faith,
where everything is self-interest and nothing more, where every human interaction is
driven by a silent, even subconscious calculation of some ulterior motive, to the point
that a sea of bad faith has taken over your whole life, there’s no small island left
from which you can even try to build a bridge of good faith, because even that effort
becomes suspect, even good faith is nothing but self-interested, even altruism is
nothing but solipsistic, even your professed agonizing right here right now is nothing
but a gesture, made to the conscience in order to assure it that it exists.
Island 1.0 is Ambergris Caye, Belize
Island 2.0 is Koh Si Chang, Thailand
Island 3.0 is Lamu, Kenya
Island 4.0 is Narikel Jingira, Bangladesh
Island 5.0 is Isla Mais, Nicaragua
Island 6.0 are The Grenadines, West Indies
Island 7.0 is Hateruma (Yaeyama), Japan
Island 8.0 is Waya (Yasawa), Fiji
Global Islands Project:
— over 1500 images and hour-long audiotrack — 750mb — (acrobat 6)
Global Islands Project — ongoing series of multi-media pdf-books — a
pastoral, pictorial and phonic elicitation of island parameters…
Vientos del pueblo me llevan
Vientos del pueblo me arrastran
Me eparcen mi corazon
Ye me aventan la garganta
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You cannot politically defy the institutions when all you really wanted
was to be clasped to their bosoms and hope in time to be cherished under
the very framework of oppressive values you are thinking of overcoming.
That would be co-optation, revolution only in the sense of a circulation
of elites rather than the extirpation of the very impulses of elitism.
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William S. Burroughs, Andy Warhol. Conversations

Durant l’année 1980, Victor Bockris a organisé et enregistré quatre rencontres entre William Burroughs et Andy Warhol. Des rencontres informelles qui eurent lieu à la Factory et dans des restaurants new-yorkais. Le pape du Pop Art et la figure de la Beat Generation avaient forcément des choses à se dire. Warhol et Burroughs, au cours de ces quatre rendez-vous, vont faire ensemble le tour de la Factory, discuter l’œuvre que Warhol vient d’achever, parler de tout, de rien, de culture, de sexe, d’amour, de drogues et de vodka-tonic. Parfois, à leur table, d’autres personnalités, de passage, s’invitent. C’est ainsi que Mick Jagger apparaît, en guest star de luxe.  Agrémenté d’une cinquantaine de photos, Warhol-Burroughs : Conversations balaie largement le paysage culturel, capte l’ambiance, l’effervescence de ce début de la décennie 1980 et témoigne d’une amitié naissante, d’une complicité entre ces deux grandes figures de la culture américaine.  Victor Bockris est journaliste, il a accompagné Andy Warhol dans l’aventure de la Factory et a écrit de nombreux ouvrages et articles sur cette période et ses principaux protagonistes (Lou Reed, Warhol entre autres). Il prétend que c’est Andy Warhol qui lui a appris à mener une interview. Son conseil : « Ne prépare jamais tes questions. Fais comme s’il s’agissait d’un cocktail. »

Traduit par Jérôme Schmidt et Nicolas Richard.

French Academics Circulate Petition
French academics have started a petition against plagiarism in research. The petition is available online at . This is a translation by Google Translate prettied up by me: Posted by

Refuse to condone plagiarism in research A few days before the conclusion of the Audience on Higher Education and Research, the undersigned scholars and researchers consider it their duty to remind that the university must ensure the legitimacy of the degrees it issues. In particular, it must ensure that plagiarism in dissertations, theses, and scientific publications can not discredit the quality of training offered and the French research.As such, the scientific and academic communities must work together against all forms of plagiarism. They must not only work to prevent plagiarism but also in each case see to it that appropriate penalties are meted out. The responsibility of universities or research organizations must be engaged when plagiarism, fraud and attempted fraud are not certified subject such sanctions. The obligation to sanction weighs on all higher education institutions and research organizations.A number of cases analyzed by our colleague Jean-Noel Darts (Lecturer in Information Science and Communication at the University Paris 8 Saint-Denis) are documented in the Archaeology Blog Copy and Paste and point to the failure of ethics in serious academic research and in issuing diplomas has been committed by the university, as well as doctoral students and by faculty members, without the measures required having been taken to date. A commission of inquiry with all guarantees of impartiality should verify the authenticity of the documents presented on this blog. The articles which are posted online appear to establish a particularly overwhelming picture.The University of Paris 8 is not the only one concerned by the phenomenon of plagiarism, far from it. Such situations require special attention, at the risk of letting it corrupt part of the academic and scientific research. If confirmed, this university or elsewhere, that plagiarism has occurred, and knowingly in violation of academic ethics, only the imposition of appropriate sanctions would end these intolerable practices that hinder the smooth functioning research, both from the point of view of its actors evaluation of the scientific quality of university productions.Safeguarding the freedom of research and academic freedom depends on the quality of degrees, publications and productions. Leave these records state could aggravate a situation that tends to suggest that the French University in persistent ignorance of the extent of the plagiarism, waived defend a level of excellence necessary to take its place in the European and international levels. *** If you subscribe to this text and want to make your signature, specify your email address and your qualities bottom of that page, under the heading comment.