On Robert Crumb and Zap Comix by Charles Plymell

Outlaw poet, writer, Beat associate, artist, printer, dock worker, and in general, a hell of a friend, Charley Plymell (not on facebook, but @ Pam Plymell) turns 80 this weekend, on Sunday, April 26.

Born during the Dust Bowl Days of Kansas fame, he has seen and done and written about most things — always loyal to friends, family, and truth. He seems to be at the right places at the right times, but avoided gaining any one ‘label.’

So here’s the first of a few things I’ll post this week about cp and his work and friends and stuff. First on his printing of the first Zap Comix with R. Crumb — yup.

Best to you, charley – – hope to see you soon —


My favorite reality chamber in the ’40s and ’50s was to cradle myself in the big overstuffed armchair with a stack of comics on the floor and some beside me in the chair a smorgasbord of preferences that would satisfy a reading orgy should I decide to shift quickly from Mary Jane and Sniffles, the f…

Charles Plymell: Zap Comix’s first printer on R. Crumb: Curled in Character


With all the interest in the Zap Comix collected edition (20 pounds, they say ), I thought it important to make sure Charley Plymell (@ Pam Plymell)is kept in his historical place as the publisher/printer of the first issue — heard the new collection has sold out — at almost 500 dollar a copy — congrats to Patrick Rosenkranz for his work in the book.

Here’s Charley’s history of the events around Zap’s first issue: http://www.vlib.us/beats/plymellrcrumb.html

Zap Comix’s first printer on R. Crumb: Curled in Character

by outlaw poet Charley Plymell

Read in Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation at : http://www.vlib.us/beats/plymellrcrumb.html