Charles Plymell: Zap Comix’s first printer on R. Crumb: Curled in Character

With all the interest in the Zap Comix collected edition (20 pounds, they say ), I thought it important to make sure Charley Plymell (@ Pam Plymell)is kept in his historical place as the publisher/printer of the first issue — heard the new collection has sold out — at almost 500 dollar a copy — congrats to Patrick Rosenkranz for his work in the book.

Here’s Charley’s history of the events around Zap’s first issue:

Zap Comix’s first printer on R. Crumb: Curled in Character

by outlaw poet Charley Plymell

Read in Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation at :

Lectures croisées Karin Huet / Yves Artufel / Jean Azarel le 6 décembre à Boulbon

Chères toutes et tous,

 Retenez d’ores et déjà la date !
Le 6 décembre prochain à 17 h 30, je vous donne rendez vous avec Karin et Yves à La Petite Librairie des Champs à Boulbon pour donner à entendre les poètes de la Beat Generation et nos derniers recueils, avec un hommage particulier à Alain Jégou pour qui j’ai écrit « Love is everywhere » aux éditions Gros Textes
A très bientôt
* Zone d’Autonomie Littéraire 2013 – SQUEEZE – interview Jean Azarel
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A.D. Winans on Amazon

A.D. Winans Biography:

A. D. Winans is a native San Francisco award winning poet and writer.
He is the author of sixty books and chapbooks of poetry and prose, including North Beach Poems, North Beach Revisited, Drowning Like Li Po in a River of Red Wine, In The Dead Hours of Dawn, San Francisco Poems, and Dead Lions. He is a graduate of San Francisco State College (now University).

In 2014 he won a Kathy Acker Poetry and Publishing Award. In 2006 He won a PEN Josephine Miles Award for Excellence in Literature. In 2009 PEN Oakland awarded him a lifetime achievement award.

From 1972 to 1989 Winans edited and published Second Coming Press, which produced a large number of books and anthologies, among them the highly acclaimed California Bicentennial Poet’s Anthology, which included poets like David Meltzer, Jack Micheline, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ishmael Reed, Josephine Miles, Bob Kaufman, and William Everson.

He worked as an editor and writer for the San Francisco Art Commission, from 1975 to 1980, during which time he produced the Second Coming 1980 Poets and Music Festival, honoring the late Josephine Miles and John Lee Hooker.

He has read his poetry with many acclaimed poets, including Diane DiPrima, Bob Kaufman, Jack Micheline, Harold Norse, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and all of the past and current San Francisco Poet Laureates.

His work has appeared in over 1500 literary magazines and anthologies, including City Lights Journal, Exquisite Corpse, Poetry Australia, Confrontation, The New York Quarterly, The Patterson Literary Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.

In April 2002 a poem of his was set to music By William Bolcom, a Pulitzer Prize winning composer, and performed at New York’s Alice Tully Hall. In January 2009 Sound Street Tracks released a mastered CD of Winans reading from his book, The Reagan Psalms.

In 2012 The Louisiana University at Lafayette recorded a CD of Song Cycles by American Composers, and included in the CD is the song cycle of nationally acclaimed William Bolcom. Old Addresses, with song poems by Winans, Oscar Wilde, Ezra Pound, Langston Huges, C.P. Cavafy, Kenneth Koch and others.

Writers like Colin Wilson, Studs Terkel, James Purdy, Peter Coyote, Herbert Gold, and the late Jack Micheline and Charles Bukowski have praised his work.

He has worked at a variety of jobs, most recently with the U.S. Dept. of Education as an Equal Opportunity Specialist, investigating claims of discrimination against minorities, women and the disabled.

Winans is a member of PEN, and has served on the Board of Directors of various art organizations, including the now defunct Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers (COSMEP). He is currently on the advisory board of the San Francisco International Poetry Library.

He is listed in Who’s Who International Poetry Directory, Who’s Who in America, the Gale Research Contemporary American Authors series, and the Gale Research Contemporary authors autobiography series.

Most recently he served on the host committee for the 2012 San Francisco International Poetry Festival.

His essay on the late Bob Kaufman was published in the American Poetry Review and was republished in 2007 by The Writer’s Research Group. In September 2009 the article was again re-published along with a poem of his for Bob Kaufman, as part of a booklet produced by the Los Angeles Afro American Museum.

Books by A.D. Winans:,p_82:B00J7RSGKS

Kindle edition:

This Land Is Not My Land by A.D. Winans (Sep 4, 2014) – $ 3,92

Visit Amazon’s A.D. Winans Page

Dublin Review of Books: Andrew Lees: Hanging Out With The Molecules

Hanging Out With The Molecules

Andrew Lees

The early 1950s voyages of William S Burroughs to Peru led to his discovery of the hallucinogenic vine yagé and issued in a book of notes and letters to his friend Allen Ginsberg in which he presented himself not only as a mystic and spiritual quester but also as a whistleblower on the activities of the Cold War superpowers.

A.D. Winans: Pre Labor Day Poem

like pulling a wisdom tooth
like an attack of sciatica
I sit here lost
in the attic of my mind

the fog rolling in
slips through the crack
in my living room window

born at home premature
under the light of a full moon
I walked the jungles of Panama
Fed off Beat Mania in North Beach

Shaman poets sang in my ears
under a bed of stars
young women with dresses
that clung to firm thighs

damp dark cavern
wet as morning dew
peach fuzz dinner
drew me in devoured me
like quicksand

the sweet fragrance of the past
swirls inside my head
mates with comrades long dead
as I walk back into my birth
work my way through
the sound of water
the wind sharp as a knife
propels me toward my destiny

my boyhood gone
like an old jalopy used-up
rusting in an auto junkyard

I head toward the comfort of the now
nailed to the cross of the past
in the language of the present
with no words to light the fire
as I carry the memories
like a mountain climber
with a heavy backpack

vague memories of my mother
singing me to sleep
and the chill of waking
the tongue of dawn
cold as dry ice

the hawk sweeps down
for the kill
a dog howls at the moon
a cat yawns in boredom
the universe draws a new boundary line
fragile as a new born child

the careful academic poet
weds the careful language poet
vie for who is published the most
in Poetry Magazine

the monkey rides the master’s back
the coo-coo bird moves backward
into the clock

fearful police lock and load their guns
black boys moving targets
in the night

voter suppression laws
to keep the voting down
southern barbecues
with rednecks hungry
for “nigger” steak

gone the passion of revolution
sell out satisfaction
to the status quo

the night hound of death
stumbles into the day
the rich roasting the poor
like a pig on a spit

labor unions turned
into mannequins
the war machine money makers
fuel the cash register
with the blood of our youth
no guilt no shame

the Roman Senate proceeds unabated
turn out gladiators
like machinery parts

endless parades marching bands
waving flags, played out
like an amusement park

slavery without chains
government without representation
this nation of criminal politicians

the ghost of Custer rises
like a creature from the lagoon
creeps through the night
like a faceless Santa Claus
with a bag of Indian scalps

Allah competes with the Pope
for the rights to the head of Jesus
beheaded by Isis barbarians
back from a night of slaughter
as the congregation stumbles
like a drunk into the future
carved out in the hands
of a gypsy fortune teller
as I wait out the night hours
in solitude
shut out the demons of insomnia
like a faulty night light switch

the holy of the unholy money exchangers
make and pass new laws
laws that feed on the bones
of the poor and blue-collar worker

a future where animals
turn into animal crackers
and birds are served live
at holiday feasts

the angels occupy the cheap seats
at Yankee Stadiums
God sends down a bolt of lightning
dismayed at the flawed diamond
he created

Jean Azarel: Avis de parution « Love is everywhere »

Gros Textes / Editions du Buëch

Avis de Parution

                      Love is everywhere

                       De Jean AZAREL

« Il y avait du crack dans les narines

Des G.I’s et des Marines

Tombant à Saigon

C’était « Subterranean Homesick Blues »

On avait cinq sens et la peau

Le dégoût dans nos bouches

Coursait les baisers

On avait la rage en Eastmancolor

Pour brûler les drapeaux

Et faire sauter les verrous« 

« Les années Beat, Pop Rock, la Route, les Amours et l’Amitié, défilent vivantes et libres dans ce recueil illustré de photos inédites qui est aussi un hommage au poète marin pêcheur Alain Jégou » (J.A)

ISBN : 978-2-35082-261-7

70 pages au format 14 x 21, orné de 2 pages couleur (recto non paginé) photos,

10 € (+ 2 € de port – port compris à partir de l’achat de 2 exemplaires)

Commande à :

Gros Textes


05380 Châteauroux-les-Alpes

(Chèque à l’ordre de Gros Textes)

 « LOVE IS EVERYWHERE » en lectures et surprises : 18 juillet à 21 h 30 à Lodève, Restaurant « Le Soleil Bleu », 29 juillet à partir de 18 h à Roiron (Haute Loire), café librairie « La Maison Vieille », 30 août à Veynes, aux 4è Journées Richard Brautigan, 26 septembre à 21 h à Serres (Haute vallée de l’Aude), café culturel « La Claranda », 11 décembre à Rennes, Maison de la Poésie, soirée Alain Jégou.

A.D. Winans: Press Release from NYQ

NYQ Press is proud to announce the Publication of On My Way to Becoming a Man by award winning poet A. D. Winans

Publication Information: 5½ x 8½ in.; 116 Pages; ISBN: 978-1-935520-25-2 Library of Congress Control Number: 2014934950
Publication Date: May 31, 2014. Website:  
Retail: 14.95, plus postage and shipping.
Availability: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, Small Press Distribution (SPD). To the Trade: Ingram Distribution, SPD
Winans is an award-winning poet and a 2014 recipient of a Kathy Acker poetry award. He is a member of PEN and the author of over sixty books of poetry and prose. He edited and published Second Coming for seventeen years. He worked for the San Francisco Arts Commission for five years as an editor and writer. His work has been published internationally in over 1,500 literary journals and anthologies. In 2002 a poem of his was set to music and performed at Alice Tully Music Hall. The New England Conservatory of Music accepted several of his poems to be set to music and performed at a later date. In 2006 he won a PEN Josephine Miles award for excellence in literature and in 2009 PEN Oakland presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He has served on the Board of Directors of several literary and art organizations, and is currently an advisory board member for the proposed San Francisco International Poetry Library.
NYQ Books™ was established in 2009 as an imprint of The New York Quarterly Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to augment the New York Quarterly poetry magazine by providing an additional venue for poets who are already published in the magazine.