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Apomorphine Versus Addiction


 The purpose of this site  -AvA is educational, devoted to information surrounding the topic of drug dependency that, directly or indirectly, affects us all. All opinions are offered in the non-confrontational spirit of greater understanding, but the facts are commended to science and, in particular, the Humanities.

Anybody is free to comment on any of the issues raised and contribute with info, articles, etc.

It may be of interest to those who strive to reduce the strain on society of addiction that in the 1950s American doctors envied their British counterparts for having escaped, relatively, from the ills that stem from endemic drug use: drug cartels, crime, recidivism,  and a range of socio-economic problems, including poverty, illness and premature death. Sadly, no such distinction can be made today.

The burden of this on society is catastrophic, and, on our health services, crippling. Our legislators have systematically and progressively failed to combat the rise of addiction and continue in denial. Therefore, if you have ever been interested in the political and ethical dimensions surrounding British drugs policy either from a medical, scientific or legislative position, then this site may be of interest to you.

There is no apology for the detail because its concerns are profound and contrast radically with the scant understanding previously directed towards this subject. However, if you are busy, you can start at the  AFTERWORD and refer back to the hyperlinked points.


“It is what we think we know that keeps us from learning”
— Claude Bernard, French Physiologist

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