Nadia – New Arabic/Lebanese song:

Press Communiqué
May 2014

New Arabic/Lebanese song

Nadia – « Khamsou Daka2ek Fi Bayrout »
English title: « 5 minutes in Beirut »… and we went crazy!

On YouTube:

– Voice: Nadia (The second single by Nadia)
– Lyrics and music: Ricardo Mbarkho
– Recording and Mastering: Studio L-Maestro — Maroun Abou Diwan, Lebanon (2013-2014)
– Coral: Catherine Abi Haydar, Rita Abi Haydar, Jouly Abou Diwan, Thérèse Abou Diwan, Rima Daoud, Karen Majdalani, Elise Nakouzi and Rima Saab

This song was written by Ricardo Mbarkho in 2012 while he was playing with children at home. The music and lyrics were almost done in the same time, inspired by the popular perception of the city, when people go out in Beirut and had to handle the good and bad things they might encounter. The song talk about a couple who went out for a date in Beirut and went crazy. The song express love and foulness, cool madness that makes people escape from daily burdens to find in Beirut a way to forget troubles and keep on for love… even for 5 minutes.

This song was first released on YouTube in a homemade version, in 2012, sung by Nadia with a low budget microphone and normal computer requirements. Then Maestro Maroun Abou Diwan, once he listened to the song, invited both Ricardo Mbarkho and Nadia to work on a studio version where the music is arranged and distributed in his studio. Since, starting from January 2013, the song continued its way to a new studio version that you are listening to in this YouTube page. It was finally released in 2014.

Contact: Ricardo Mbarkho 03717703

Lyrics: Nadia__Khamsou_Daka2ek_fi_Bayrout__2014

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