Galerie Ecritures: Vernissage de l’expo « parpaléminvid » de Gérard Guyomard

Vernissage de l’expo « parpaléminvid » de Gérard Guyomard
Samedi 16 novembre 2013 à partir de 10 h 30 en présence du peintre

Galerie ECRITURES 1 rue Pierre Petit 03 100 MONTLUCON,ecritures-15609.html


a friend of mine tells me
I need to stop dwelling on the past
that nostalgia is an anchor
that will weigh me down
he’s like the lyric
to that Hank Williams song
« I saw the light, « I saw the light. »
a song he sang to Minnie Pearl
his feet sticking out the side
of an open convertible
on its way to Memphis
I’m still groping for that light
a hundred shadows from my past
hitch-hiking along for the ride

angels have traded in their wings
for a ticket to my dreams
the phantom of the opera
has a front row seat in my nightmares
mutilated poems wrap them self in my arms
pit tomorrow against yesterday
nomadic thoughts camp inside
my brain cells
master to none  servant to many
old flame’s light burned out torches
in my loins
there is no place to flee
no resting stop at the end
of a long journey
from here to nowhere
I spend the afternoon
at Martha’s coffee shop
with hot coffee and a newspaper
for company
tomorrow those same newspaper lines
will be past history
should I pretend they never existed?
I am ten months into
my seventy-seventh year
winter will soon be here
with her cold claws and heavy rain
forcing her way into the walls of my mindwere she of human flesh
she would crack open
my memory vault
find miles of past memories
that flow like Li Po poems
down a river old as time
should I ignore her
tell her to come back next winter
that now isn’t the time?
I have written one too many memorial poems
for friends who have passed-away
should I shut them out of my mind
focus on tomorrow
build a graveled  path that leads
to the promised land?
my emotions are trapped in quicksand
no place to run
no place to hide
endless chatter comes from
the 4-walls where
death hides between the cracks
the past is my lover
she clings to my body
like a child to a mother’s bosom
she sleeps in my memory cells
like a phantom bank that accepts
only deposits  refuses withdrawals
I think of her
like I think of San Francisco
the city of my birth
the salt air smell at ocean beach
the Marina Greens
north beach and the fillmore
all filled with memories
my past is my present
the future a gypsy fortune teller
my existence
a slow chugging locomotive
on an anonymous journey
known only to the conductor
punching invisible tickets in the hands
of faceless passengers

On Rusty Truck: Veterans Day (2013) by Bradley Mason Hamlin

Veterans Day (2013) by Bradley Mason Hamlin  

Hey All
 This day go on me before I knew it.  But I just received this Poem honoring Veterans
and couldn’t let it take a look.

I am reminded today of the Nam vets I knew and know–friends that died either  there or when they got back–some still alive barely but died and didn’t know it.  The guys that cry late at night from nightmares.  I think about these Vets because I went to school with them, worked with them, grew up with them.  All combat veterans are heroes, I thank all who served in whatever capacity. 

Taught my kiddos in school today about real heroes today when we had about 30 vets in for brunch and to honor them.  When the program was over–every student in the school went by their tables and shook their hand.  Some of the WWII guys had tears.  No need for background checks–I know where these guys came from and where they’ve been.


François Darnaudet * Catherine Rabier Noire 57. Zombies Gore

D’après Charles Dexter Philippe Ward, c’est effectivement sorti ! Included Andernos Trap, Collioure Trap, Trappes Trap et une étude de Daredevil DD David Didelot, mister Vidéotopsie Fanzine Cinéma  

 François Darnaudet * Catherine Rabier Noire 57. Zombies Gore ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-234-4 240 pages  Cet hiver, à Ander…nos, les zombies ont remplacé les vendeurs de chichis et de glaces. Le piège andernosien va se refermer sur ses habitants pour la réédition d’Andernos Trap. A Collioure, les morts-vivants sont accompagnés par les jonglômes, des monstres à tête de rhinocéros. C’est le retour éditorial de Collioure Trap. Quant aux deux collectionneurs qui s’affrontent du côté de Paris, leurs aventures meurtrières sont totalement inédites. En sus, David Didelot nous offre une analyse historique de la collection Gore du Fleuve Noir. Mon tout forme ZOMBIES GORE. COLLIOURE TRAP (Darnaudet & Rabier) ANDERNOS TRAP (Darnaudet) TRAPPES TRAP (Darnaudet – inédit) POSTFACE de David Didelot.



Dear Friends,

I have been thinking about Lou Reed for the last week and wondering how his death has effected you, and how it’s effecting his wife Laurie and all the other people who love him. I was blessed by Lou’s friendship in the mid to late seventies, he taught me a lot about how to live on the wild side. I didn’t really see much of him after 1980, but I kept listening to the music. In 1983 Omnibus Press in London published Uptight: The Velvet Underground Story by myself and Gerard Malanga, who played a crucial role in bringing Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground. After Andy died I went to St Anne’s in Brooklyn to see Lou and John’s first performance of Songs for Drella in 1988. I was back stage with Billy Name when he introduced Lou to La Monte Young! Things heated up in 1992 when I started work on Transformer: The Lou Reed Story. When the book came out in 1995, journalists from several countries told me when they asked Lou for an interview he asked them if they’d read my book. If they hadn’t, he told them to read it and then come back for an interview. I always dug Lou. When I published a suite of poems from his book All The Pretty People in The Coldspring Journal in 1976, he won a prize given to him at the Gotham Book Mart by Senator Eugene McCarthy, poet and hero of the anti-war movement in 1968. I could go on, but not here. I have been awakened from the dream of life by Lou Reed’s death. Tomorrow I am going to start rewriting and updating my biography of Lou. This time I think I’ll be able to ride that satellite of love up to the stars.

The last thing Lou says in Transformer is, “If you line the songs and play them, you should be ale to relate and not feel alone. I think it’s important that people don’t feel alone.”

Victor Bockris

Bob Branaman and Brigtte Moos: OPENING RECEPTION: A Diamond Light at the Memory Palace 

Saturday November 16th  15:00 (PST)
Join us for a free reception to celebrate the art of Robert Branaman and Brigtte Moos!!Beat Generation poet, painter, and film producer Bob Branaman continues to make avantgarde art today. Branaman joined the Beatniks in San Francisco in the 1950s, part of the Kansas Vortex, which included Charles Plymell and Michael McClure, and soon made his name as a hep cat. He outlived many of his bohemian contemporaries, despite his bad habits. Over the years he has collected a great deal of stories and ephemera from that time period and because he has outlived most of his beat contemporaries he is in many ways an archivist and one of the last voices of the Beat Generation.

Birgitte Moos is an Artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, working in Los Angeles and Copenhagen.

Birgitte works in an unconventional, interdisciplinary manner to combine art, theory and function. Utilizing the vibrant space and surroundings of the City Birgitte exhibits visual art works often focusing on the totality of an environment reflecting all aspects of her art and vice versa.
Holding an MFA in set design from Denmark’s Royal College of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Birgitte also studied painting and set design at The Berlin University of Arts under Achim Freyer who recently staged The Ring Cycle at the LA Opera.

As a Visual Artist and Set Designer, Birgitte has been involved in numerous projects in theater, short films, videos, performances and gallery exhibitions internationally, also lecturing in set design, amongst projects such as Zentropa Productions by Danish Filmdirector Lars von Trier.

In 2011 Birgittes set design for the staging of ‘The Arsonists’ at The Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles was nominated as set design of the year by LA Weekly. In 2012 Birgitte was selected from thousands as a finalist in the Saatchi Gallery’s Open Call for Abstract Art. In April this year she was the Featured Artist at the Downtown Artwalk curated out of Artists from all LA.