Celebrate the underwater underground with LE BATHYSCAPHE


Yes, in a little more then a week we will celebrate for the  benefit of

our crazy bilingual paper: LE BATHYSCAPHE.

Montreal is French and English, Montreal is at the crossroads  of Europe and America :

LE BATHSCAPHE rides on that spirit.

Now, as always, LE  BATHYSCAPHE is published without grants or publicity : you are the only  propeller!
Come and party  with us on sunday may 12th 2013 at Sala Rossa in Montreal, you won’t regret  it!
SUNDAY MAY 12TH,  doors at 18h, starts at 19h30 :
Legendary american  poet CHARLES PLYMELL will read, backed by MAURO PEZZENTE (GYBE) on  bass.
Critic and poet  BYRON COLEY will read, backed by BILL NACE (Body/Head, Vampire Belt) on  guitar.
GABE LEVINE  (Sackville, Black Ox Orchestar and his own great solo album) will pay a rare  visit to Montreal.
GREG WEBBER and  his group KILL CHICAGO will burn.
MYRIAM GENDRON  will sing from her Dorothy Parker project, backed by LAURENCE GENDRON on  cello.
URBAIN DESBOIS  will present DELATOURETTE his new insane Ex type band.
LE CLOU DE LA GANG  are wild  ( new project from cabaret crazy members of L’Orchestre des Hommes  Orchestres who just turned the province upside down with their Tom Waits and  Kurt Weil shows)
At the end of the  evening, the craziest dj’s around : ROYAL AIR TOGO will take possession of your  bodies and souls.
All this for a mere 15 dollars that  will keep LE BATHYSCAPHE out of trouble and in deep waters for a few  years.
(poster by Kivac Stimac)
Issue  number 9 will be available at a special price on that evening. Rare posters from  Julie Doucet and Simon Bossé will be on sale. Amongst the many contributors of  forthcoming issue 9 are Romy Ashby, Tosh Berman, Geneviève Castrée, Benoît  Chaput, Kerri Culhane, Byron Coley, Marci Denesiuk, Thierry Horguelin, Thurston  Moore, Hermine Ortega, Antoine Peuchmaurd, Valerie Webber… Le Bathyscaphe is  available at Feeding Tube records in Northampton and in many stores in Montreal,  Québec city, Bruxelles, Liège, Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille. Also online at inkpusher.com. Website :  http://bathyscapheenglish.blogspot.ca

Iggy And The Stooges ‘Ready To Die’ New Album Out Now!



« Iggy Pop still writhes his way through end-of-days scenarios like a

sinewy witch doctor, and returning guitarist James Williamson

gives this   smoldering pool of garage sludge some extra-heavy

six-string stank »–ENTERTAINMENT   WEEKLY

« Iggy   Pop is a human blowtorch, and the Stooges have to run at

a high temperature   just to keep pace. » — ROLLING STONE

CD: $13
MP3 Download:
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Amazon US:
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Amazon UK:
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06.01 – Houston, TX – Free Press Summer Festival
06.08 – Long Beach, CA – Ink-N-Iron Festival
06.20 – London, United Kingdom – Royal Festival Hall (Meltdown Festival)
06.22 – Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic – Areal TJ Slezan
06.24 – Zagreb, Croatia – INmusic Festival
06.26 – Goteborg, Sweden – Stora Scenen pa Liseberg
06.28 – Borlange, Sweden – Peace and Love Festival
06.30 – Marmande, France – Garorock Festival
07.04 – Rome, Italy – Rock In Roma
07.06 – Albi, France – La Base de Loisirs de Pratgraussals
07.09 – Argeles-Sur-Mer, France – Parc de Valmy
07.11 – Milan, Italy – City Sound
08.03 – Lokeren, Belgium – Lokerse Festival
08.06 – Berlin, Germany – Zitadelle
08.09 – Vienna, Austria – Arena Open Air




You moved from Honky Tonker
To elder statesman
In a career that lasted over fifty years
With over fifty albums to your credit
And number One hits that spanned five decades
Undisputed heavy weight champion
Of traditional country music
Linked to your idol
Hank Williams
Nick–named « No Show » Jones
For you reputation of not showing-up
At concerts with long battles
With alcohol and drugs

In 1955 you recorded
« Why baby why? »
And I was hooked
As i was with Hank Williams
And would be with Outlaw singers
Willie Nelson, Meryl Haggard,
Waylon Jennings and David Allen Coe

Like Williams you were a purist
Who would never be called a phony
Turning down the opportunity
To cut a record with James Taylor
And refusing to meet Neil Young back stage
Saying you did not know them

You sang songs that told the life
Of everyday working men and women
Saying in an interview
« My fans are real true country music people
I just sing the way it is
And put feeling in it if I can
And try to live the song. »

And that’s why I loved you because
I try to do the same with my poetry
Inspired as a teenager
By you and Hank Williams

You were a Ladies man
Handsome as a movie star
Drank hard like your hero
Hank Williams
But outlived him by 52 years

Tore men apart with your fists
In honky tonk bars
And women with your looks
The last true purist
An outlaw with an angel’s voice
Hank Williams waits
At the pearly gates
one block down
From Hill Billy Lane
Where female angels
In cowgirl skirts wait with
Flasks in their hands

You a legend to your fans
long before your signature song
« He stopped loving her today »
a song about a man who carries
his love for a woman to his grave
and today you carried your love
for pure country
To that same burial ground

a.d. winans. 4/26/13

Two recent poems of A.D. Winans, « At 77 » and « Poem For Ruth Weiss, » will appear in this  months issue of « Exit 13. »

A.D. Winans: baseball poem

For Joe Sprinz

He coached the old San Francisco Seals
baseball tem
a former catcher who was part of a fool stunt
to catch a baseball dropped from an airplane
at the San Francisco World Fair

The ball hit the ground bounced up
and broke his jaw
he was never again the same ball player
his major league dreams shattered
like his jaw
but he would come regularly
to Golden Gate Park
and slow pitch for two teams of kids
he put together

He had a son with one crippled arm
who played the outfield flawlessly
he would catch the ball in his glove
drop the glove transfer the ball
to his good hand and throw it back
as good as any of us kids
with two good hands

My boyhood dream was to play for the Seals
to make it to the big leagues
like old Joe had dreamed to do
and I was thrilled to sit on the team bench
as his invited guest
to shy to ask other players for their autograph

How magic it was to watch those players
field ground balls during practice
hear them chatter, “huba huba,”
as vendors in the stands yelled out
”Peanuts Crackjack, get your
Peanuts and Crackerjack here.”

The grass smelled of heaven
and there was no pollen in the air
old Joe at the batting cage giving
batting hints
Lefty O’Doul the manager
eying the action like a hawk

The game seems slower now
the heroes less heroic
no double-headers
no players mingling with fans
but in the summer heat
in a tight game
the magic reappears

The umpire sweeps off home plate
and I see old Joe there
at the batting cage
Dino Restelli shagging fly balls
in the outfield
and the crowd rising in the home half
of the seventh inning singing
”Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Old Joe had no job when
the old Triple “A” Coast League
became a ghost
he died in his eighties working
as a doorman somewhere
in the city

but he’ll always be my hero
and baseball should be ashamed
for not taking care of their own


F.J. Ossang: PELIEU BEACH 7 Juin…


Claude Pelieu  was Here ! (1934-2002)
1967 – une  bombe littéraire explose dans Paris : l’énorme CAHIER DE L’HERNE n°9 –BURROUGHS  / PELIEU / KAUFMANN (textes). “Avec Léon Bloy, William Burroughs et Claude  Pélieu, nous n’attendons plus à Paris que les Tartares et le Saint-Esprit” conclue la présentation de Dominique de Roux. La poésie française (francophone)  ne sera jamais plus exactement la même. Orage télépathique, poésie électrique,  voyages de l’autre coté… “Corps béants, faut-il vous dire que dans les fenêtres  roses du temps fluide, je vous vois encore en retour de flamme? “. Après sa  fuite aux USA dés 1963, Pélieu découvre l’accélérateur de particules où  s’inventer définitivement. Correspondances, mail-art, collages émaillent la  suractivité de la décennie. Rumeur impersonnelle, le cut-up est un passage forcé  pour déshabiter l’origine, et continuer avec l’aube. Si la méthode cut-up est  efficace, Claude Pélieu s’en dégage dés la fin des années 60 pour atteindre à  l’évidence de Dust Bowl Motel Poems, ou de Pommes Bleues Electriques (Bourgois,  1979). “Quand plus rien ne semble possible le réel provoque des mirages”. Ses  livres sortent en rafales au Soleil Noir et chez Bourgois de 1969 à 1979  cependant qu’il ne cesse de traduire avec Mary Beach des oeuvres de WS  Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Kaufmann… au point de devenir le passeur de la  Beat Generation en France. Suite à un accident de santé au début des années 80,  il affirme abandonner l’écriture, sans jamais cesser une activité de collagiste.  Retour à la poésie durant les années 90 (Studio Réalité, Starquake…) et jusqu’à  sa mort qu’il dévisage ultimement avec La Crevaille (2002). Rien ne semble plus  séparer Mary Beach et Claude Pélieu de 1962 à 2002 dont voici quelques-uns des  collages 90’s ainsi qu’une exposition de ses principaux livres aujourd’hui  épuisés… Mary Beach est partie en 2006… GONE AWAY IN THE INVISIBLE  MORNING…
F.J. Ossang – 23 Avril 2013
Livres exposés  :
CAHIER DE  L’HERNE N°9 : BURROUGHS/PELIEU/KAUFMANN (1967) – Ce Que Dit la bouche d’ombre  (Le Soleil Noir 1969), Le Journal Blanc du Hasard (Bourgois, 1969), Embruns  d’exil traduits du silence (Bourgois, 1971), Jukeboxes (10/18, 1972), Infra-noir  (Le Soleil Noir, 1973), Tatouages mentholés et cartouches d’aube (10/18, 1973),  Kali Yug Express (Bourgois, 1974)
Sous le nom de  Claude P. Washburn :
Coca-Néon/Arc-en-ciel Polaroïd (Bourgois, 1976), Dust Bowl Motel  Poems (Bourgois, 1977), Cartes Postales USA (Céeditions, 1979), Pommes Bleues  Electriques (Bourgois, 1979)

Trains de Nuit  (Le Cherche-Midi, 1979), Indigo Express (Le livre à venir, 1986), Légende noire  (Editions du Rocher, 1991), Et vous aurez raison d’avoir tort (Station  Underground d’Emerveillement Littéraire, 1996), Studio Réalité (Le Castor  Astral, 1999), Boomerangs (La Notonecte, 1999), Soupe de lézard (La Digitale,  2000), Pélieu Mix / Etat des Lieux (La Notonecte, 2000), Starquake (La  Notonecte, 2001), La Crevaille (L’Arganier, 2008), Un Amour de Beatnik – Lettres  à Lula Nash 1963-1964 (Non-Lieu, 2012)


TRADUCTIONS  de Mary Beach et Claude Pélieu :

La machine  molle (Bourgois, 1968), Le ticket qui explosa (Bourgois, 1969), Nova Express  (Bourgois, 1970) –
Trilogie  rééditée chez Bourgois, 1994 –
Les derniers  mots de Dutch Schultz (Bourgois, 1972), Les garçons sauvages (Bourgois, 1973),  Exterminateur! (Bourgois, 1974), Le Métro Blanc (Bourgois / Le Seuil, 1976), Le  complot, suivi de : Les lettres du Yage (L’Herne, 1996)
Planet News  (Bourgois,1971), Kaddish (Bourgois, 1972), Reality Sandwiches (Bourgois, 1972),  Iron Horse (Le livre à venir, 1985)

CAHIER DE L’HERNE n°9 BURROUGHS/PELIEU/  KAUFMANN  (L’Herne 1967) Solitudes  (Bourgois, 1974), Sardine dorée (Bourgois,  1976)

L’exposition aua lieu à 

agnes b. galerie du jour, 44, rue Quincampoix, Paris 4ème http://www.galeriedujour.com/lagalerie.html

Pierre Ranou: Décès d’ Alain Jégou


Alain  est décédé ce matin, une très triste  nouvelle. Merci d’en informer ceux qui le connaissaient.
Pierre  Rannou

Alain Jégou, Jean Azarel et Pierre Ranou, Rochefort sur Loire.

Alain Jegou est décédé le matin du 6 mai 2013. Alain était un marin et un poète. Voir sa page sur Wikipedia à http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alain_J%C3%A9gou et son blog L’Univers poétique d’Alain Jégou http://alainjegou.blogspot.fr/

Je les avais rencontré avec leur ami Jean Azarel à une manifestation littéraire à Rochefort sur Loire en juillet 2010. Voir Rencontre avec Alain Jegou et Jean Azarel au Marché de la poésie à Rochefort sur Loire: 4 juillet 2010

Voir également dans le blog de Saïd Mohamed, Ressac http://ressacs.hautetfort.com/: Alain Jégou, alias le Cap’tain est parti… http://ressacs.hautetfort.com/archive/2009/03/01/alain-jegou-alias-le-cap-tain.html avec une interview d’Alain Jegou par Thibault Pascal

Interview de Charles Plymell par Alain Jegou: http://www.wigwametcompagnie.net/plymell.htm