Celebrate the underwater underground with LE BATHYSCAPHE


Yes, in a little more then a week we will celebrate for the  benefit of

our crazy bilingual paper: LE BATHYSCAPHE.

Montreal is French and English, Montreal is at the crossroads  of Europe and America :

LE BATHSCAPHE rides on that spirit.

Now, as always, LE  BATHYSCAPHE is published without grants or publicity : you are the only  propeller!
Come and party  with us on sunday may 12th 2013 at Sala Rossa in Montreal, you won’t regret  it!
SUNDAY MAY 12TH,  doors at 18h, starts at 19h30 :
Legendary american  poet CHARLES PLYMELL will read, backed by MAURO PEZZENTE (GYBE) on  bass.
Critic and poet  BYRON COLEY will read, backed by BILL NACE (Body/Head, Vampire Belt) on  guitar.
GABE LEVINE  (Sackville, Black Ox Orchestar and his own great solo album) will pay a rare  visit to Montreal.
GREG WEBBER and  his group KILL CHICAGO will burn.
MYRIAM GENDRON  will sing from her Dorothy Parker project, backed by LAURENCE GENDRON on  cello.
URBAIN DESBOIS  will present DELATOURETTE his new insane Ex type band.
LE CLOU DE LA GANG  are wild  ( new project from cabaret crazy members of L’Orchestre des Hommes  Orchestres who just turned the province upside down with their Tom Waits and  Kurt Weil shows)
At the end of the  evening, the craziest dj’s around : ROYAL AIR TOGO will take possession of your  bodies and souls.
All this for a mere 15 dollars that  will keep LE BATHYSCAPHE out of trouble and in deep waters for a few  years.
(poster by Kivac Stimac)
Issue  number 9 will be available at a special price on that evening. Rare posters from  Julie Doucet and Simon Bossé will be on sale. Amongst the many contributors of  forthcoming issue 9 are Romy Ashby, Tosh Berman, Geneviève Castrée, Benoît  Chaput, Kerri Culhane, Byron Coley, Marci Denesiuk, Thierry Horguelin, Thurston  Moore, Hermine Ortega, Antoine Peuchmaurd, Valerie Webber… Le Bathyscaphe is  available at Feeding Tube records in Northampton and in many stores in Montreal,  Québec city, Bruxelles, Liège, Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille. Also online at inkpusher.com. Website :  http://bathyscapheenglish.blogspot.ca

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