A.D. Winans: Grand Old Diva (for Ruth Weiss)

grand old diva      

(for Ruth Weiss)


she grooves with time

day time, night time

be bop jazz time

dances with timeless time

all rhythm no rhyme

birds in flight flap their wings

copulate with the wind

a magician’s illusion where

time and words move from celibate

to shameless orgy

feed off the flesh of the other

pause in rollercoaster freeze

stop motion


she sings her song

another night

another day

bitch slaps father time

kaufman, son of jazz

in her heart

micheline in her blood

jazz in the Fillmore|

jazz on the Harlem roof-tops

full moon rising

with poems that dig into my bones

lubricates the gears of my mind

lost in a haze of motionless motion


a.d. winans.  11-21-12

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