At the End of Time: The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech

Richard Krech 

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Richard Krech’s new book, « At the End of Time » which is « Volume II of the Incomplete Works of Richard Krech » which will come out in December, published by

Buffalo, NY (September 18) – Bay Area poet and criminal defense attorney Richard Krech will have his second collected works released by Buffalo small press sunnyoutside on December 12. The compilation of poems, will retail for $20 and complements his previous anthology, was published by Litmus, Inc. in 1976.

Second collected works by Bay Area poet Richard Krech to be released December 12


First writing after becoming involved with civil rights activities in 1963, Krech’s first book was published by d. a. levy in 1967. returned to writing after being inspired by the Taliban’s destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha. Selected new and unpublished poems are also included.


Ron Silliman, author of poets of the New American Poetry—the Beats, Black Mountain, the New York School—reading Richard Krech is going to feel just like coming home. He’s too young to have been a Beat, really, but from the mid-1960s right up to this present moment, he has lived the dream—and, for good measure, been a criminal defense lawyer in Oakland for much of this time. This is really the poetry of vision from somebody with a fine ear, a clear eye, and a generous soul. There is a crinkly sense of humor here as well—it makes for great reading and a deep record of our time.”


Ingrid Swanberg, editor of clear poetic meditations on the Dharma are engaged and engaging musings on time, place, history, war, and the beauty of the natural world.”


Review copies available upon request. 

At the End of Time: The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech, Volume II (ISBN 978-1-934513-27-9),The Incompleat Works of Richard Krech, whichAt the End of Time compiles poems from his collections published since 2001, when heThe Alphabet, wrote of Krech’s writing and importance: “If you were raised on theAbraxas Magazine and director of Ghost Pony Press, added: “These spare andSunnyoutside, an independent press, is located in Buffalo, New York and is a member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, the Fine Press Book Association, the Letterpress Guild of New England, and the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative, for which publisher McNamara serves on the advisory board. Sunnyoutside is also a proud sponsor of the 2010 Indiana Authors Awards and has previously sponsored the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. For more information and a complete list of available titles, visit

About sunnyoutside


For more information, or to request a review copy, contact the publisher at:

David Michael McNamara, Publisher

PO Box 911 • Buffalo, NY 14207 • USA

(617) 905-6747 •


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