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Hi Iz!

Hey thanks for linking to my blog.

Ecrit par : Joshua Berlow | 02.05.2006

Hi Joshua,

You’re welcome. 🙂

Actually the note you put a comment on is about psychiatry : I answered to a mail I received about a petition to support French "public psychiatry of sector", as it is endangered here. In the note, at first I was not very  enthousiastic about the petition, and was proposing a number of ideas instead. Though I ended to sign it after getting information about its origine, because it is spread by the psychiatrists who played a big part in making psychiatry more opened and human since WW2.

One question here : what kind of structure would you suggest to professionals of psychiatry (doctors and nurses) who have to reshape the work without counting on the state anymore ?
I think that it might be the occasion of a human adventure and an opportunity to foresee different economical frames. Whatever, the question requires different points of view, to be considered from diffferent angles.

I am putting a link here to your book on psychiatry on line : "Insanity Factory: A Psychiatric Memoir" by Joshua Berlow , published by IUniverse.com. November 2000.

For the readers: Joshua Berlow is an American writer See his profile

I realize that I forgot to include it to the catalogue of Interzone books. Sorry for this. I have just added it.



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"Insanity Factory" is a critique of "for profit" mental health care. However, I’m not very supportive of state-sponsored mental health care either. I believe that since mental health issues are often related to issues of morality, such things are better discussed by priests, rabbis, mullahs, imams, etc. They don’t try to pretend that their advice doesn’t involve morality and ethics.

The Moslem world seems to be out ahead of us in making their mosques centers of activism as well as worship.

For a good critique of state-sponsored mental health care, read "Insititute of Fools" by V. Nekipelov. He was a poet who was forcibly put in a mental hospital in the Soviet Union. Reading this book opened my eyes and inspired me to write "Insanity Factory".

Ecrit par : Joshua Berlow | 02.05.2006

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